Every week Regulation Lectures posts webinars relating to 6 different types of regulation including energy regulation, competition law, data regulation, intellectual property, environmental law and securities regulation. In today’s environment webinars have become an important teaching tool. 

The goal of Regulation Lectures is to create the first Webinar Library tol license the leading regulation webinars to academic institutions in Canada and the Unites States on a nominal annual fee basis. 

To promote an understanding of economic regulation it is also important to be able to cite these webinars in new articles or books. For this reason each webinar posted on Regulation Lectures has a unique address. That citation allows authors and publishers to easily footnote a specific webinar.

The citation for our first webinar is,
“Is Alberta the Next Texas?”, Regulation Lectures LL001 

The webinars we publish are selected by our Editorial Board. The members, which are described here, are the leading regulatory lawyers and economists in Canada and the United States. Educational institutions wishing to obtain an annual license can contact Regulation Lectures us at, editor@regulationlectures.com

Gordon Kaiser, General Editor, Regulation Lectures